Meet Our Fabulous Team

Our professional, dedicated team is ready to handle your event with care and efficiency ensuring your time at the conference center will be productive and fun.
Executive Director

Tanja Wadsworth

Director of Guest Services

Tammy Wyllie

Executive Chef

Jeffery Cristina

Facilities Supervisor

Dustin McDonlad

Housekeeping Supervisor

Nancy Jones

Sous Chef

Brad Henley

Housekeeping Staff

Destiny Travis – Nancy Jones – Catherine Anderson

Kitchen Staff

Brad Henley – Loretta Lebo – Nick Kyzar – Jeff Cristina – Helly Cristina



Facilities Staff

Dustin McDonald – Theresa McDonald – Fred Passman – Shane Husser

Security Staff

Mitch Tarver – WL Devall

Hilarity Staff

Tanja & Teddy

SECC Board of Directors

The Rt. Rev. Shannon R. Duckworth (Chair)

The Rev'd John Pitzer (Vice Chair)
Ms. Bo Farrell
John Girault
Ms. Lisa Tompkins Holden
The Rev'd Annie Jung
Mr. Jody Licatino
Mr. Fred McCullogh
Ms. Fran Phares
Ms. Emily Stich
Updated: Mar '24
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