While still recovering from the down turn of 2020, SECC’s first quarter of 2021 was looking to be promising. However, the pernicious nature of the pandemic and the post-holiday reporting of the rising numbers of reported cases, has prompted a devastating blow to SECC’s first quarter income.  In response, immediate counter-measure had to be enacted:

  1. Furloughing of SECC employees.
  2. Closing the grounds to DAY VISITORS on Sundays to reduce need for office personnel
  3. Documentation is being readied for the anticipated federal distribution of PPP monies.  It is not known when this infusion of federal funding will be made available, however when it is, (it can’t come soon enough) we are ready to submit the paper work asap.


How YOU can be our bridge over these unprecedented financially challenging times while we await the federal funding assistance:

  • Financial Support- Click the button below to make a financial contribution
  • Bring Your Business to Solomon Center- Book business here at Solomon Center and spread the word to others about SECC’s success history for ZERO Covid infections in association with SECC because of our ability to social distance and our dedication to strict sanitizing protocols.
  • Business in Kind- Donations of services and products that are needed by Solomon Center are always appreciated                                


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